The Gaza Freedom March: A Look Back

Some two years ago I was in Cairo, Egypt alongside over 1,300 people from more than 40 different countries as a part of the Gaza Freedom March; our mission was to make it into the Gaza Strip during the one year anniversary of the massacre, calling for an end to the siege of Gaza and for Egypt to open the Rafah border, allowing for Palestinians to travel in order to pursue work, study, medical treatment.

Freedom Marchers included Max Ajl, Ali Abunimah of the Electronic Intifada, and Madea Benjamin of CodePink.

Only a handful were allowed into Gaza by the Mubarak regime and though I was not one of those permitted entry it changed my life, in ways I cannot describe in words. So where words fail I present video footage I took during my stay in Egypt as a part of the GFM.

Video of Egyptian students protesting alongside us in Cairo.

GFM member and PressTV coverage of us being beaten in Cairo during a sit in: 


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