Honor Diaries on Abby Martin’s ‘Breaking The Set’

My piece on the documentary Honor Diaries was recently mentioned by Abby Martin during the latest episode of her show ‘Breaking The Set’ — the segment on Honor Diaries begins at 15:19


One thought on “Honor Diaries on Abby Martin’s ‘Breaking The Set’

  1. It is good to see what they are selling before I get caught up in the emotional turmoil of extremist religious diatribes. As a white male brought up in the South I have witnessed the same level of ignorance and hate within small communities that religiously practiced cross burnings. Its no different, and doesnt deserve an audience with normal educated people.

    I can see where its hard for these media types to focus on the average Muslim and raise eyebrows. The facts regarding their day to day life are too boring and therefore not worthy of a multimillion dollar movie. Their not guilty of anything but trying to raise a good family with ethics while excluding the punishments to women that the men are really guilty of, thinking with the wrong head.
    Iran is the best example of how loyalty to tradition and rational obedience to moral decency is normal everyday behavior, and its not news to the gotcha documentary folks for the same reason oatmeal is not a in commercials anymore.

    RT is like an island in a sea of miserable TV. Nice work getting noticed.

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