Al Akhbar English and Patreon

I’d like to start off by saying thank you to everyone who has been keeping up with my work, tweets and other social media updates. Secondly, as many of you know by now, Al Akhbar English, where I have been employed as a regular contributing writer (my column was In Homage to the Struggle), has closed down and a major project I was to be a part of has been upruptly called off with no explanation as to why. As of publication what was to be my last article for Al Akhbar English has not been posted, despite being approved, and it looks as though the shut down is complete. This has left me with a heavy heart and a lack of income. I have decided, thanks to a friend offering the idea, to open up a Patreon subscription page where I will be able to create as much content as I am able to and allow for my readers to subscribe in order to recieve exclusive work. One of the projects I have in store is a monthly literary magazine which will have art, poems, prose etc. and updates on my book (which is still a work in progress). I am still unsure as to whether or not I will create an entirely new webpage in order to publish this new content or if I will publish this work here. Whatever I decide, I will let you all know. I have also been offered positions elsewhere and I am going to be looking at my options and what is best for me, but nothing is confirmed and I have not made a decision as of yet. All in all, I would appreciate if you all would subscribe, if able, so I can continue to do what I love. I truly appreciate the unbelievable support you have all offered me over the years, and I only hope I live up to your expectations. Please forgive me for any mistakes I have made along the way and join me in this new, creative journey I am taking.

Learn more about my Patreon page here: PATREON


One thought on “Al Akhbar English and Patreon

  1. I am in shock at this sad, sad move by Al-Akhbar. Yes, I will support your new page, and I hope that we can support the other writers of AL-Akhbar English as well

    Rania (

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