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Here you will find published articles, events and media appearances starting with the most recent:

All posts for the Al Akhbar English column “In Homage to the Struggle” can be found archived at Al Akhbar English

December 2014

Guest on Unauthorized Disclosure Podcast
Al Akhbar English: Spirit of ‘Ubuntu’ called for at World Social Forum on Migration
Al Akhbar English: The Violent Response To Ferguson

November 2014

Al Akhbar English:
Rasmea Odeh and the US Witch-hunt Against Activists
Al Akhbar English: Europe’s Refugee Crisis

October 2014

Al Akhbar English:
The Judaization of Jerusalem
Al Akhbar English: On The Fetishization of Female Resistance Fighters
Al Akhbar English: Block the Boat and the Impact of BDS
Al Akhbar English: Kobanê as hell for ISIS

September 2014

Al Akhbar English:
Marginalized Communities Most Affected by Climate Change
Al Akhbar English: Restricting Academic Freedom: An Israeli Tradition
Al Akhbar English: Urban Shield – Policing on Steroids

August 2014

Al Akhbar English: The Unpublicized Impact of a Successful BDS Action
Al Akhbar English: The Cost of Doing Business with Israel
Al Akhbar English: The Militarization of Police – From Ferguson to the Middle East
Al Akhbar English: Defiant dispatches from Ferguson and beyond
Al Akhbar English: Gaza’s Children Will Not Forget

July 2014

Muftah: Life After the Iraq War
Al Akhbar English: An Interview with a Human Shield in Gaza
Al Akhbar English: The Myth of the Arab vs. Jew
Al Akhbar English: Unsettling the Israeli Settlers
Al Akhbar English: Tyrant and the Vilification of Arabs by Hollywood
Al Akhbar English: The Resurgence of A Native Informant in Iraq

June 2014

Al Akhbar English: Confronting anti-Blackness among Arab-Americans
Al Akhbar English: Iraq Intervention, Redux?
Al Akhbar English: Where Is The Outrage Over Kidnapping of Palestinian Children?
Al Akhbar English: Separation

May 2014

Al Akhbar English: Being Muslim in Britain in the Age of Islamophobia
Al Akhbar English: A Witness To Israeli Terror
Al Akhbar English: Insha’Allah (God Willing)
Al Akhbar English: You Can’t Erase the Nakba
Al Akhbar English: BDS and Legitimacy

April 2014

Al Akhbar English: Diasporic Longings
Al Akhbar English: Rebranding Cultural Appropriation
Al Akhbar English: The Day After the End of Patriarchy
Al Akhbar English:
Resisting Hegemonic Discourses
Featured on Abby Martin’s ‘Breaking The Set‘ during Honor Diaries segment

January 2014

Featured in The Telegraph:Intersectional Feminism. What The Hell Is It? (And Why You Should Care)

December 2013

The Wire: The Year in #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen and Twitter Feminism
Citizen Radio: #NotYourNarrative creators on lack of diversity in US media/journalism
Al Jazeera Stream: Netizens tell media: We are #NotYourNarrative
New York Magazine: Can feminist hashtags “dismantle the state”?

November 2013

Alternet: Unmanned Gods of Destruction: How Drones Strikes Kill Civilians and Target Rescuers

April 2013
New York Magazine: Why Is Everyone So Mad at Pretty, Topless Femen?
Mondoweiss FEMEN and the suppression of native voices

March 2013

Muftah: Iraq: The Cradle of Civilization & Graveyard of Imperialism

July 2012

Electronic Intifada: Palestine’s Own ‘Liberation Day’ Is Coming
Islamic Horizon Magazine interview, pg. 28; on activism and social media

June 2012:

Frustrated Arab becomes contributing blog on Muftah

May 2012

Guest on Press TV’s ‘Comment’ with George Galloway, discussing Palestinian hunger-strikers.
Guest on Al Jazeera’s “The Stream”, discussing the debate which surrounds the latest piece by Mona Eltahawy; Islamic feminism and Foreign Policy’s sex issue.
Souciant: Open Letter To Mona Eltahawy
The Arabist: On “Why Do They Hate Us” and its critics

April 2012:

Featured in Jaddaliya: Let’s Talk About Sex
Featured in The Atlantic: The Real Roots of Sexism in the Middle East (It’s Not Islam, Race, or ‘Hate’)
The Middle East Institute: Firestorm of Debate on Mona Eltahawy’s “Why Do They Hate Us?
Al Jazeera: Article on women in the Middle East triggers debate
Featured in The Guardian alongside other rebuttals of Mona Eltahawy’s ‘Why Do They Hate Us’ piece for Foreign Policy
Mondoweiss: In Your Eyes I’m A Terrorist

March 2012

CounterCurrents: Afghanistan: Children Of A Lesser God
Electronic Intifada: Women At The Heart of Struggle

February 2012

Attended the PennBDS Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Oppression.Org: Where Is The Palestinian Gandhi? And Other Stale Adages
Mondoweiss: The Palestinian Refugees of Lebanon

December 2011

Mondoweiss: Let Us Forget Iraq
Mondoweiss: Expendables Of A Waning Empire

November 2011

Video: Disrupting Donald Rumsfeld
Electronic Intifada: Donald Rumsfeld confronted for “illegal wars”
Mondoweiss: Activists disrupt Donald Rumsfeld speaking event

October 2011

Attended the Students for Justice in Palestine Conference in NYC

September 2011

Quoted in Irvine 11 piece in The Lede, NY Times blog

August 2011

Featured Radio Guest on Philadelphia’s 900AM WURD: Libya and NATO intervention

July 2011

Mondoweiss: We Refuse To Perish

April 2011

Featured In Global Voices: Anti-Niqab Punditry

September 2010

On Al-Quds Day

August 2010

Mondowiess: Palestinian refugees in Lebanon do not only have Israel to blame for their plight
Featured in Global Voices: Lebanon: Giving Palestinian Refugees the Right to Work

December 2009

Was part of the Gaza Freedom March in Cairo, Egypt


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